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Go Ape and Forest Segways at Mallards Pike in the Forest of Dean

Malice through the Looking Glass at Gloucester Cathedral

Friday 16 March 2018

LATEST NEWS: This event has been Cancelled. If you bought a ticket please telephone 01452 768928 for a full refund.

A Whodunnit in Wonderland in the Cathedral nave

Six months after Alice first tumbled down the rabbit hole, all hell has broken loose in Wonderland – the White Queen is on the rampage, Tweedle Dum isn’t speaking to Tweedle Dee, and Humpty Dumpty is behaving very strangely. Worse still, the White King is filing for divorce, the Mad Hatter isn’t the only one who’s lost his marbles, and the recently crowned Alice has just discovered a dastardly plot to put the Red Queen back on the throne…

Enjoy an interactive sleuthing evening in the Cathedral nave, and help to solve the mystery of Malice through the Looking Glass.

Ticket price includes welcome drink, and cheese platters supplied by Gloucester Services. Cash bar available during the evening.

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