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Aladdin the panto at the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham this Christmas

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REVIEW: Little Shop of Horrors at the Everyman Theatre

REVIEW: Little Shop of Horrors at the Everyman Theatre

Well, what a superb ending for a rather dull Monday!

 Brought to the Everyman Theatre by Sell a Door Theatre Company Ltd this musical production is a rather fitting prelude to Halloween.

The story centres around two young florists living in the impoverished Skid Row whose lives are seemingly going nowhere. Seymour and Audrey both work in Mushnik’s Flower Shop but Audrey is under the spell of her rather unsavoury dentist boyfriend Orin Scrivello (played by Rhydian). Seymour dreams of rescuing her for himself and escaping Skid Row, but this seems impossible. Just as Mushnik (Paul Kissaun), the shops owner announces plans to close the flower shop, Seymour introduces the small unusual plant he has been nurturing. The Audrey II successfully changes the luck of the florist and soon customers are flocking to the shop to see the alien-like plant and put Mushnik’s Flower Shop back in business. Unknown to anyone else is the rather special diet that the Audrey II requires and is reluctantly administered by Seymour, who will do just about anything to win the heart of Audrey.

The whole cast give solid performances throughout and the catchy songs are executed brilliantly. Backed up by superb sets this is a very entertaining production that will keep you chuckling while your toes are tapping. Ryhdian was excellent as Orin the rather enthusiastic dentist. Probably not the best play to watch if you have serious dental treatment pending! Credit should also go to Seymour (Sam Lupton) and Audrey (Stephanie Clift), the young florists who have great on stage chemistry. The trio of dancers Crystal, Chiffon and Ronnette fluently connect the scenes with great voices and co-ordinated moves. The Audrey II is as amazing as you would expect from a production of this quality and has a rather good voice as well. A few younger audience members were seen to be hiding behind Mum so it is not a show for young children (recommended for ages 12 and above with parental guidance).  

Little Shop of Horrors runs until Saturday 22 October. If you’re looking for a good entertaining evening we would suggest buying your tickets now.

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18 October 2016

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