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Birdland Park & Gardens in the Cotswolds

The Cam Long Down and Uley walk has been kindly supplied by National Trails.

The incredible variety of the Cotswold Way is once again explored by this stunning little walk. From woodland tracks to open hilltops, it leads you around the intriguing ancient history of Uley Bury to the more recent remains of a pestilent past.  Even the few hillside climbs are rewarded by compass-wide views that spread out all around you back into the heart of the Cotswolds and across the Severn Estuary into Wales...   

  • Distance: 4 miles (shorter route: 1½ miles)
  • Duration: 2½ - 3½ hours (shorter: ¾ - 1½ hours)
  • Difficulty: Moderate to difficult – Some stiles, steps and steep sections.

Interested in tackling the whole Cotswold Way? - click here for a link to the National Trail website

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